Bashir Gemayel  Bashir Gemayel was born on November 10th, 1947 in Bikfaiya, Lebanon, his family's ancestral home for over 400 years. He was the second and youngest son of Pierre Gemayel, founder of the Phalange Party (Kataeb) in Lebanon. Bashir graduated from St.Joseph University, Beirut, in 1971 with degrees in Law and Political Science. In 1975 he was admitted to the bar and became a Lawyer. Having been a ranking member of the Phalange Party (Kataeb), he was appointed head of the Lebanese Forces on August 30, 1976.... more

 Dr. Engelbert Dollfuss  Dr. Dollfuss was born October 4, 1892 in Texingtal, Austro-Hungary. Dr. Dollfuss was chancellor of Austria, a devout Catholic Dr. Dollfuss was not a magnetic, messianic would-be superman like Mussolini or Hitler. He was an altogether different type of leader: those who who knew him vouched for his being an uncommonly sweet-tempered, generous, affectionate, reasonable, forgiving, sincere and conscientious man who had made his way in life not by exceptional brains or charm but by the transparency of his devotion to his country. Unlike Hitler he was married and unlike Mussolini he was faithful to his wife. In contrast to Hitler, a non-smoker, he got though 40 cigarettes a day. On July 25th, 1934 Austrian Nazis dressed up in army uniforms stormed the Chancellery in Vienna and murdered Dr. Dollfuss.... more

 George Patton  George Patton was an American General and tank commander, whose bold armored advance across France and Germany in 1944 and 1945 made a significant contribution to Allied victory in World War II . He was born in San Gabriel, Calif., on Nov. 11, 1885, into a family with a long tradition of military service. Behind his showmanship and audacity lay the imaginative planning and shrewd judgment that made him one of the greatest combat commanders of World War II.... more

 Dr. Samir Geagea  Samir Geagea (born October 25, 1952) is the formerly imprisoned leader of the Lebanese Forces (LF) militia. Geagea served what were to be several life sentences for crimes allegedly committed during the Lebanese Civil War of 1975-1990, but he was pardoned by the government of Lebanon on July 18, 2005. He remains the only civil war-era leader to have stood trial for crimes committed during the war.... more

 Charles Martel  Charles Martel (Charles "the Hammer", or Karl Martell in German) (August 23, 676 October 22, 741) was born in Herstal, in what is now Wallonia, Belgium, the illegitimate son of Pippin the Middle (635 or 640 - December 16, 714) and his concubine Alpaida or Chalpaida. Although he was Mayor of the Palace of the three kingdoms of the Franks, Martel is best remembered for winning the Battle of Tours in 732, which has traditionally been characterized as saving Europe from the Emirate of Cordoba's expansion beyond the Iberian Peninsula. Martel's Frankish army defeated an Arab army, which had crushed all resistance before it.... more

Updated: 26 Jul 2012