Our Enemies

Radical Islam: A pseudo religious movement dedicated to the eradication of all other religions and the establishment of a Moslem World Order. They view the United States of America as the "Great Satan" a nation that is polluting the rest of the world with it's evil culture of decadence and immorality. To say that they hate the U.S. because of it's support of Israel is an oversimplification. Yes, that is part of it but only a small part. The greatest part comes from jealousy, resentment and envy.

We have it all, the best of everything. The best doctors and hospitals, the best law enforcement, the best economy, the best farms, the best jobs, the best military, the best technology, the best standard of living, etc. And what do they have? Not much and a lot of the time they have to depend on help from America just to get by. Rather than working to bring their countries standards up to ours, they'd rather try to bring America down through terror. With no concern, respect nor compassion for human life this is the most dangerous of the dark forces to date.

 Communism - Socialism: What few people don't realize is that there never was a Communist nation anywhere on the face of the earth. Surprised? Communism has always been the supposed objective of Communists but Socialism is the vehicle used to reach that objective. It really isn't too surprising though that they never have reached that glorious goal of a pure Communist state. Russia after seventy years couldn't reach it, China after fifty some years hasn't reached it and after forty three years neither has Castro's Cuba. Why? Human nature of course. Not only do people strive to be free they also for the most part strive to get ahead and get more out of life...a better car...a nicer house...more money...etc.

Then there is the competitive nature also. There is always a person, a company or a political party for that matter that wants to be better and out-do their competition. Communism tries to suppress these natural desires in man along with the spiritual longing most of us have to worship God. Communists are atheists who basically want everyone to be the same, make the same money... which is usually very little. They suppress freedom of speech, of dissent, of assembly and all opposition. And they tolerate only one political party, their own. Even in politics they can't stand competition.

Under the red banner of Communism more people have been killed and massacred than will ever be known but it has been estimated that the number is well over 100,000,000. Communism is not dead yet and is still very much alive in countries such as China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia and not to mention our American universities. As long as there is one Communist country left on this planet it will remain a viable threat.

 The "New World Order": Practically everyone has heard about it and no two people will have the same answer as to what it is. Some paranoid rightists will tell you it's a U.N. plot run by the Bilderburgers, the Illuminati or even the Jews. The Christian Phalange feels those conspiracy beliefs are so much nonsense that they don't deserve addressing.

The New World Order is not so much a group of conspirators behind closed doors planning to take over the world but rather it is a movement of different groups of politically correct individuals who have basically the same dream. A world without borders, national pride or religious morality. A world where everyone is required to pay allegiance to a united nations run planet . A New World Order would control what children are taught, what individuals could do with their own land, what people could say in public and even what churches should preach. In brief the N.W.O. would be a politically correct world dictatorship.

The chances of a full blown N.W.O. becoming a reality in our lifetime is very poor. National and cultural pride amongst the world's nations and new countries forming all the time is probably the biggest deterrent to their agenda. But this fact does not deter the one-worlders from trying to push their agenda and get as many of their programs instituted as possible. It is the duty of all patriotic Americans to fight this N.W.O. agenda and the best place to start is on the local level....never forget the power of the voting booth.

 The " Third Position " and " Neo-Nazis " Alliances of hate and anti-Semitism. A new label on the bottle but the same old poison of hatred whose ultimate goal is the annihilation of the Jews from the face of the earth......sound familiar? ~ (George Lincoln Rockwell and the Church of Hate)

 The "Abortionists and Euthanasianists" These people were not satisfied with just having the murder of un-born babies legalized. Over the past decade they have been working diligently to try and get legalized euthanasia instituted in various states of this union. A separate page is being worked on for this subject. In the mean time we recommend that you visit www.prolifeinfo.org  

 The "Radical Homosexuals" Homosexuals who practice their lifestyle or way of life out of public view are not the problem, they've been around for thousands of years and will remain so until the end. The Radical Homosexual Movement is another matter altogether different and is a definite threat and must be dealt with in the same vigorous manner and tactics that they themselves use. The RHM is the most obnoxious and vulgar movement in America to date. When the Christian Phalange becomes stronger we'll go disrupt their meetings  every time they violate the sanctity of church and disrupt religious services. If possible we'll stand guard near churches where they plan to demonstrate to ensure they don't enter that church. If the police won't stop them and defend the right of a church to have freedom to worship...then we will.

 The "Pornographers" Ever since the early sixties these slick and slimy little pigs have been hard at work pushing and promoting their various kinds of smut. Back then in the sixties they argued that full nudity was art and that the obscenity laws needed to be changed. Once the laws were changed the pornographers eventually unleashed every kind of filth and perversion on the American citizen that can be imagined. Organized crime (Mafia etc.) is behind a large percentage of this multi-billion dollar a year business as they promote nothing but evil and degeneration to make their money. One thing the Christian Phalange is working on is to have the government or ICANN to issue a dot porn extension and make it law that all pornographic web-sites have a dot porn or a dot xxx address, that way this smut would be easier to block and keep from innocent or unwilling eyes.

 MS-13: Since its inception in California and Washington, DC, Mara Salvatrucha has expanded into Oregon, Alaska, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Canada, and Mexico. MS is unique in that, unlike traditional U.S. street gangs, it maintains active ties with MS members and factions in El Salvador. Mara Salvatrucha is truly an international gang. This organization along with a myriad of other criminal gangs are enemies of our American republic.