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 About The Christian Phalange

Formerly know as the Christian Falangist Party of America the Christian Phalange went from being a political party in 2009 to a politically active social organization in 2010. Too many people associated the word Falangist with the neo-Fascist Spanish Falange who have ties to neo-Nazis so we went with the Phalange spelling of the word we also cut back on our ultra-nationalistic symbolism. Our goals and beliefs pretty much remain the same, we remain radical Christian Conservatives.

 The word Phalange is derived from Phalanx.

1. A formation of infantry carrying overlapping shields and long spears, developed by Phillip II of Macedonia in the 4th century B.C.

2. A close knit or compact group. (American Heritage dictionary)

Merriam-Webster: Etymology: Latin phalang-, phalanx, from Greek, battle line, digital bone, literally, log -- more at BALK
Date: 1553
1: a body of heavily armed infantry in ancient Greece formed in close deep ranks and files; broadly : a body of troops in close array
b: an organized body of persons

Pronunciation: 'fA-"lanj, f&-', fA-'
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from Greek phalang-, phalanx
Date: circa 1860

1. In ancient Greece , a body of heavily armed infantry formed in ranks and files close and deep, with shields joined and long spears overlapping; any body of troops in close array; a compact or closely massed body of persons, animals or things;

fig. a number of persons united or banded together, as for a common purpose. (New Webster's dictionary)

A compact or close-knit body of people: “formed a solid phalanx (phalange) in defense of the Constitution and Christian religion” (G.M. Trevelyan).

The Christian Phalange is a number of persons banded together for the common purpose of fighting for and defending our Western civilization

The Christian Phalange is not a political party. The Christian Phalange is a hate group if fighting evil political forces is hate. Any Christian of any race or nationality can belong to the Christian Phalange. We spread Islamophobia and we're proud to do so..

 Declaration of the Christian Phalange

We, the members of the Christian Phalange, have united with the common goal to influence government and society based upon our Christian convictions. Putting our faith in the Word of God and with our eyes fully open to the reality we seek to discern the will of God. While doing this our supreme motivation is God’s command to love Him and not hate the people around us. We want the government to guarantee religious and political freedom, so that God can be served according to His Word.

We want to use this freedom to put our faith into practice in politics and society. We are convinced that the God we confess and want to serve, also should be honored and respected by the government and society. A government that puts God’s commands into practice serves society in the best way. God created everything perfectly. Unfortunately the world has been defiled by man’s disobedience. That’s why society needs authority, that holds back and fights against the evil forces of darkness which seek to destroy our Western Judeo-Christian civilization.

Because of our convictions we will defend every citizen’s rights in our country as long as those rights are not used to destroy or try to destroy our Christian Faith or our Constitutional Republic and we also will strive for justice in international relations. This conviction places the current political events under the dominion of Jesus Christ, who has been given all authority in heaven and earth. Through Him we have the prospect of life beyond the boundaries of this present world. Going from this belief we are constantly seeking for the support from those who agree with us and want to spread and propagate with us these politics. We will defend our country, the friends of our country, our Christian faith and the friends of that faith against all enemies who seek to destroy them. We do this all in the realization that we are dependent on God and we pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

 Foundations of the Christian Phalange  

The Christian Phalange acknowledges God’s sovereignty over political affairs, that the government is given by God and called to His service and that Christians are responsible to actively participate in society and the politics that affect society. Another rock of foundation of the Christian Phalange is our support and defense of Israel and our belief that the Jews returning to their land of Israel is Bible prophecy being fulfilled which precedes the return of the Messiah our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We support and stand in solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world who live under the constant threat of Islamic and communist-socialist oppression. We also reject any form of anti-Semitism or racism and hereby resolve that neither of these will ever be a policy, tenant or belief of the Christian Phalange so help us God. We forever base our political convictions on the Holy Bible, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of these United States of America.